STEM & Robotics

At ۲ʿ, we offer a broad range of science, technology, engineering and robotics programs designed to challenge and equip students for the future.

Our STEM programs (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) provide students with an excellent opportunity to explore technology and science in a fun and insightful way. These programs prepare them to be well-educated young adults, and can equip them for a future career in robotics, science or engineering. 

From Year 7 onwards, all students at ۲ʿ study STEM subjects as part of their core curriculum. Each will also have the chance to select elective classes covering digital technologies, design, engineering, advanced mathematics, chemistry, physics, robotics coding and practical technology skills. As students move though high school, they can also select VET courses in technology and engineering.

۲ʿ’s extensive Robotics programs enable students to study robotics in the classroom and complete in national and international Robotics competitions. Since 2008, ۲ʿ has been at the forefront of robotics programs in schools. ۲ʿ students regularly represent Australia in the , and ۲ʿ is responsible for the national  championship every December. In 2015, ۲ʿ students became the first in Queensland to build a  – the highest level of school-based robotics in the world.  

Every student who enrols from Year 7 at ۲ʿ will study robotics at some stage during their journey through high school, and may choose to carry this into their senior studies. Senior students can select a range of hand-on classes and vocational certificate courses, including activities such as drone flying, coding, computer science and civil engineering.

Students who excel at science, mathematics or robotics may apply to ۲ʿ's gifted and talented programs through Ignite Excellence. Our Ignite Excellence programs span all year levels and are an extension on the ۲ʿ curriculum.

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