International Connections

At ۲ʿ, we encourage our students to be part of the greater global community. Students and staff take part in exchange programs, christian service learning, international science and music tours, in addition to many other activities designed to prepare students for a life of faith, service and success.


Service Learning

At ۲ʿ, Service Learning is integral to both our Curriculum and Co-curricular activities. Through our local and global partnerships, ۲ʿ students can connect with the wider community to share their faith and grow into global citizens.

As part of the Service Learning Program, teams of ۲ʿ students and staff regularly travel to developing countries to support communities and experience life beyond Australia. This includes countries such as Uganda, Cambodia, and Indonesia. These trips are an adventure of a lifetime, where students experience the joy of meeting people from another culture and the challenges they face every day. 

In Uganda, students help to build dormitories, visit local homes and schools in the villages, stop in at the sustainability farms, shop at markets and enjoy local activities. For students visiting Indonesia, they experience service learning by supporting local schools, meeting local families and community fundraising. Students on our service learning experiences regularly take part in local chapel and church services, deepening and broadening their Christian Faith.

Over the years, our Christian Service teams have also visited schools in Sumatra and Cambodia to see the local impact of student fundraising and other service learning programs. ۲ʿ families have also hosted international students in their own homes as part of the program.


Languages & Exchange

From Year 7, students at ۲ʿ have the opportunity to study Japanese and German. Through our International Schools Partnership, these students can get first-hand experience and connect with native speakers across the world.

۲ʿ regularly hosts students from Japan and Germany as part of a student exchange program. International students attend classes at ۲ʿ, live with host families, and help students to practice their language skills. 

Students who study German or Japanese in Senior School have the opportunity to travel on overseas student exchange programs or exchange tours. These exchange tours often take place over school holidays and are attended by ۲ʿ staff. 

۲ʿ has exchange agreements with schools in Saarland and Frankfurt in Germany and in Tokyo, Shizuoka and Hakata in Japan. Students from these schools also regularly Skype with ۲ʿ to further students' practical learning of the language.


International Robotics

۲ʿ was one of the first and few schools to offer an international robotics program to students. 

Since 2008, ۲ʿ has been at the forefront of robotics programs in schools. It was the first school in Australia to host a event in 2014, with the program now running in over 50 schools across Australia. ۲ʿ students developed the first  in Queensland in 2015 – the highest level of school-based robotics in the world.  

As part of the ۲ʿ Robotics team, students regularly represent Australia in the world largest robotics event - The . ۲ʿ students have traveled to Washington DC, Mexico City and Dubai since the inaugural event in 2017. ۲ʿ has won a Silver Medal at every event, and our robotics students have build friendships they maintain to this day.

Members of the ۲ʿ Robotics team were selected to be the only Australian team at the International School Student ICT Innovation Competition in China after displaying a great skills and attitude at the state and national competitions. ۲ʿ is now developing a partnership in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics with a school in China.

In Australia, ۲ʿ is responsible for the  robotics competition and hosts the national championship every December.


Performing Arts Tours

At ۲ʿ, our performing arts programs extend far beyond the classroom.

is an exciting initiative of ۲ʿ.  It aims to promote the performing arts to students across North Brisbane and Moreton Bay through exceptional drama, dance and music programs. As part our ۲ʿ Academy performing arts programs, students can tour both internationally and across Australia.

۲ʿ Academy students regularly tour with their orchestras, bands and dance troupes, and take part in various performing arts competitions. They also perform at community events, school events, and at our partner primary schools.

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