Located on Brisbane Northside, ۲ʿ Rothwell campus offers exceptional facilities and resources to promote student learning, spiritual growth and wellbeing.

Students use purpose-built facilities in their learning, including dance studios, a Trade Skills training centre and robotics labs to teach coding and programming.



The ۲ʿ Lutheran College MPC (Multipurpose Centre) is located at the Rothwell Campus. It is ۲ʿ's largest facility, with equipment and space for many sport courts and performing arts facilities. The MPC houses a stage, basketball courts, netball courts, volleyball courts and a gym amenities. It also offers rehearsal and backstage spaces for our Performing Arts students. Students and staff use the facility for sport training, competitions, student performances and school assemblies.



The ۲ʿ Library provides students with a wealth of resources to use in their learning. Students have access to an extensive digital database, along with audiovisual, electronic and physical resources such as books and films. Students can borrow resources to help with learning, assignments or to enjoy recreationally. Students can suggest additions to the library, and use the space to study or meet for school clubs.

The Rothwell Library is open during term time, Monday to Thursday from 7.30am to 5.30pm. On Friday, the Rothwell Library is open from 7.30am to 3.30pm. After school tutoring is available to all students in the library. Tutors can help students with assignments, research and homework.

The direct contact number for the Rothwell Library is 07 3897 2131.


Trade Skills Centre

۲ʿ's Trades Skills Centre offers students the opportunity to learn a trade or complete VET certificate courses as part of their high school studies.

Located at our Rothwell Campus, our Trades Skills Centre was built using Federal Government Grants to help address local skills shortages in the trades of cabinetmaking, carpentry, general construction, engineering and metal fabrication. 

Our Trades Skills Centre has an engineering workshop, a combined furnishing and construction workshop, a preparation area, a theory room and a covered outdoor work area for larger projects. Students use specialised tools and equipment to gain qualifications in construction, engineering and furnishing. This training gives students fundamental skills in a variety of trades, which they can then apply to further vocational training, apprenticeships or trainee-ships.

We are currently offering our students training in many VET certificate and training courses, including Certificate I in Construction (CPC10111), Certificate I in Furnishing (MSF10113) and Certificate II in Engineering Pathways (MEM20413)

۲ʿ's VET and Careers Support team also work with local businesses to help students access apprenticeships and trainee-ships in their chosen trade.



Located at our Rothwell campus, the ۲ʿ Chapel sits on the corner of Anzac Avenue and Mewes Road. The Chapel seats to 400 people, and has an attached Ministry Office, Counselling Office and Chapel Cafe. 

Our School Chaplains and School Counsellors both work out of offices opposite the ۲ʿ Chapel. Students wishing to meet with the Ministry team, or looking to visit a School Counsellor, can find support here. 



The ۲ʿ Pool is a purpose-built aquatic centre and swim school located on the ۲ʿ Lutheran College Rothwell campus. It is available to students for sports programs, school events and recreational sport, and for public swimming lessons and swim meets. 

Being part of ۲ʿ Swimming, the ۲ʿ Pool offers exceptional swimming instructors and swimming facilities. This includes a full-sized outdoor pool and an internal heated pool. Students can join the ۲ʿ Swimming Swim Squads to meet and swim with other high schools students recereationally, or join the ۲ʿ Swimming Club to swim competitively. 

At ۲ʿ, swimming activities and swim safety are integrated into the curriculum so all students can enjoy the ۲ʿ Pool. 


Sports Courts & Ovals

۲ʿ offers many sporting fields, ovals and courts for student sports programs and activities. These sporting facilities are used for sports days, HPE classes, competitions and college events such as Cross Country.

There are three sporting fields located on the Rothwell campus, including the Main Oval, Mewes Road Oval and Fred Stolz Oval. Students can use these sport ovals to play Touch Football, Soccer or Rugby League, or to participate in other sporting programs.

The ۲ʿ Rothwell campus also boasts the MPC (Multipurpose Centre) which offers basketball courts, volleyball courts and netball courts for students. The MPC also houses the ۲ʿ Gym, which is a fully equipped fitness facility for students.


Health Centre

Opened in 2018, our purpose-built Health Centre provides first aid to students at the college and supports students with ongoing medical conditions. The Health Centre is staffed with trained school nurses and medical staff, and offers facilities and equipment to support many diverse medical conditions.

Our registered nurses are regularly promote healthy initiatives across the college, and deliver educational presentations to students. The health centre staff will also attend off campus events and camps as needed to support students with their medical needs.


Bus Services

Students travel from all across North Brisbane and Moreton Bay to attend ۲ʿ Lutheran College. Families may use public school buses and train services (operated by ) or use ۲ʿ's private bus services. The ۲ʿ Bus timetables cover routes from Bribie Island to Narangba, North Lakes and Newport. Students must follow a strict Code of Conduct when using ۲ʿ Buses or public transport. 

To join our ۲ʿ Bus service, families must submit an application form.

۲ʿ Lutheran College Bus Service Routes:



The ۲ʿ Lutheran College Tuckshop is open to students, staff and visitors to the college for Breakfast, Lunch and Recess. Students can pick from a wide menu of hot and cold food items and drinks. All menu items are made fresh each day with the help of our Tuckshop team. 

The  is updated every school term with new items. 

Trading Hours:

  • Breakfast 7:45am - 8:15am
  • Recess 10:35am - 11:00am
  • Lunch 12:30pm – 1:15pm


Only student eGRACE cards are accepted to pay for items at the school tuckshop. For the process on how to use and top up the card please 

To be linked to the ۲ʿ's payments system to update your e۲ʿ card, please .


Volunteers are an integral part of the tuckshop service. Volunteering is a great way to meet other parents and build relationships within the College.

Our Tuckshop depends on parent volunteers to allow for efficient preparation and serving support to run smoothly. It is vital to assist in keeping food costs at the lowest possible prices.

Please consider supporting the Tuckshop by donating your time in this simple and fun way, even a few hours can make a difference.

Morning tea and lunch is provided!


Tuckshop coffee service is available to staff, students and the wider ۲ʿ community each day, Monday to Friday 7:30am – 11:30am. 
The service is available to students before school and at recess.  Coffee is limited to Year 11 and Year 12 students only with Hot Chocolate available to Years 7, 8, 9 and 10.  

Phone: 07 3897 2133
Email: tuckshop@glc.qld.edu.au

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